Milestone 6: Hi-Fi Prototype


We had a prototyping party in DL1!In preparation for this milestone, we took a look at the feedback we received from milestone 5 (the lo-fi prototype) and milestone 6 (the scenarios). From this and user feedback we recognized the need for a final product which was richly interactive. This web application must be sticky: users must recognize its utility at first glance and also enjoy using it. To test this, we needed our hi-fi prototype to be at the least minimally interactive - that is, to preserve some of the rich functionality that we've realized will be essential to the lab assistant's success.

First we focused on choosing the the most effective prototype tool for our particular project. Conveniently, SOCHI presented a tech talk on the prototyping software Axure, and after trying it out, we decided to use Axure for our hi-fi prototypes.

The Process

Getting down to business at RackhamAnd we worked. And then we met and reconceptualized. Twice. Three times? There were moments of revelation, and moments of extreme frustration. Credence played. After much learning, chinese food, tea and prototyping, we arrived at a wireframe we thought covered most of the basics of interaction that were the most interesting and critical for system adoption by our target lab workers. We've already secured some users for testing, and will begin formalizing our test plan this weekend.