Team Covenant

Code of Conduct

Decision-Making Process

Project Approach

Project Roles

Jeremy: Photographer, part-time notetaker.

Nancy: Instructor Liason - responsible for communicating with Mick (instructor), Overall Project Coordinator: make Project Plan on Basecamp, track progress of the project against the Project Plan.

Elaine: Client Liaison - responsible for initial contact with the client, maintain consistent communication with the client, schedule consistent communication with the client, and schedule interviews with users. Part-time notetaker.

Laura: Webmaster - responsible for creating the website, uploading new information, maintaining it, handling technical difficulties.

All members are expected to contribute their unique skills to the project.

Milestone Leaders:



Meetings Procedure

  1. Before the meeting we read assignments for that week and the readings set by Mick
  2. The Milestone leader will be in charge of the whole meeting, keeping focus on the actions (How to) of that milestone
  3. The Milestone leader leads a review of the work completed and the upcoming work; each member reports their own progress (15 minutes)
  4. Nancy will homogenize the Milestone plan with the Project Plan
  5. Notetaker takes notes and posts them to Basecamp.

Communication/Coordination Agreement